MALLcom is proud to announce the addition of free hosted galleries for all affiliates. Once a surfer clicks on the gallery link, they can view hot DVD titles and watch hi-quality 480x640 video clips from that specific DVD. These galleries add a completely new dimension to promoting the products in the MALLcom store. Surfers get the opportunity to view impulsive video clips which will entice them to click through and buy that DVD. These sizzling new hosted galleries include everything imaginable to maximize the affiliate's paycheck; from front and back DVD screenshots, a direct link to buy that DVD, telephone sales tracking and even a link to the film studios' pages if they want to see their other DVD titles.

To access the free hosted gallery page, Click Here

Just a one time, copy and pasting of the code provided, and you will have an automated updating sale on your site every week. Not only does this keep your site looking freshly updated with new sales and promotions it also give your surfers a reason to come back to your site to see the next offer.

To setup the automated sales banner, Click Here

Perfect for webmasters to instantly populate their web pages with daily dynamic content! Increase sales by offering daily updates to hot selling DVDs with hi-resolution trailers.

To setup your DVD of the Day plug-in, Click Here

Mallcom VOD's Tube Plugin allows you to add this HOT video preview of 12 new movies every time your visitor sees your site! Takes less than a minute to insert into your web pages. Fully customizable, pick the size and background color you want!

To setup an instant tube, Click Here

Go beyond the standard 'store menu link' by adding the perfect Store Search Utility Plugin in your site's menu bar or main pages! It's a known fact that buying surfers are impulsive and this Store Search Utility Plugin will give them what they want fast and easy.

To setup a search box, Click Here

Choose from a wide variety of banners. Banners come in all different shapes and sizes to fit seamlessly on your site. Choose one or all of banners ranging from pornstars, new releases, top sellers, toys, specials, gay, free gifts and many many more.

To check out banner options, Click Here

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