5 steps to take your affiliate program to next level

Affiliate program implements MALLcom module
If you already have NATS setup for your site, then it’s a simple matter of installing and enabling the Mallcom module. This can be done by submitting a help ticket to NATS itself. If you do not have NATS installed already, visit and follow the quick and easy steps to getting NATS setup for your affiliate program.

MALLcom sets up an account for your program
Once the Mallcom module has been enabled, contact webmaster support at Mallcom at We will then take care of the rest for you. We will set you up with an account from which you will be able to view your payout totals as well as the payouts for your affiliates. And yes, all of your affiliate’s information is confidential and we do not have any access to their personal information. The participating affiliate program is always in control.

MALLcom negotiates awesome commission for your affiliate program
Mallcom would be offering your affiliate program an extremely competitive percentage in terms of commission’s payout. The standard commission’s payout in this online adult fulfillment industry is around 20%. We would be offering you a much higher percentage to start off with. Bottom line is, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else where both your affiliate program and your affiliates get to bring in lots of profits.

Affiliate program determines commissions payot to its valued affiliates.
You would be able to set your affiliates payouts to whatever you would like them to be… 5%, 15%, 20%, etc. It’s all up to you on how you would like to reward your affiliates. It’s all up to you.

Everyone involved profits.
With this unique Mallcom module, the affiliate programs and their valued all stand to make some quick cash. Essentially it offers you the affiliate program to have hundreds or thousands of your affiliates push your store for you. The money making potential using this module is endless. So jump on board now with us! If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us at



In a nutshell NATS runs your affiliate program from top to bottom with the exception of the actual processing of the financial transactions (NATS is integrated with over 30 processors for transaction handling). NATS allows your products, member based websites, services, and/or tangible goods to be marketed by affiliates who will be paid a commission for sales they generate. NATS handles the affiliate signup, affiliate stats, traffic and sales tracking, administration functions, administration reporting, fraud detection, and all of the other various needs of an online affiliate program. NATS has hundreds of features large and small which allow you to easily run an efficient and profitable affiliate program.

What is the Mallcom module?

The Mallcom module is essentially a plugin that is installed and enabled on your NATS. This will allow your NATS to display your generated Mallcom sales data.

How do I setup the Mallcom module up?

First you must have an account with NATS. If you do not, visit in order to set up your account. Submit a help ticket requesting the Mallcom module to be activated for your account. After that, contact the Mallcom Affiliate team to have the installation reviwed. You can email us at

Below is an example of how it all plays out.

Affiliate Program: Hi, I had a few questions about using the Mallcom Module.

Affiliate Manager: Sure, go right ahead.

Affiliate Program: How the heck does this whole thing work? I’m a bit confused on the whole setup.

Affiliate Manager: Not a problem at all. More then happy to explain it to you. Do you already got NATS setup with the Mallcom module?

Affiliate Program: Yup, really easy.

Affiliate Manager: Cool. You’re more then half way done already. So what happens now is this. We would sign you up with an account as well as a co-branded store with us. For example check out or You would end up with something similar with your own co-brand. Once that is done, you could have your affiliates push your co-branded store on their sites with their own unique tracking code. Now we would be offering you, the affiliate program, XX% commission. You can in turn offer your affiliates their own specified commission rate. So for example you could offer 10%, 20%, or whatever else rate you would like to set up. So in effect, you have hundreds or thousands of affiliates pushing your store for you.

Affiliate Program: So wait, would they also be signing up through you then?

Affiliate Manager: Uh no, they would sign up through your affiliate program. Pretty much as far as they are concerned they signed up through your affiliate program.

Affiliate Program: Ok, that’s cool. But wait, am I going to have to give you access to our affiliates information?

Affiliate Manager: Not at all. It is a secure backend which you can log into and access all of your information as well as the information for all your affiliates that push your co-branded store on their sites.

Affiliate Program: Nice, I like that. And what about payout? Are you going to send out a big fat check to me as well as to our affiliates?

Affiliate Manager: Well we’d be sending you one big check with a total amount of all sales made for your account. You would then be responsible for redistributing the appropriate amount to all of your affiliates.

Affiliate Program: That makes sense. Well it all sounds great to me. Let’s do this!

Affiliate Manager: Cool.

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