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Is there a minimum payment amount?

We do have a minimum payment amount of $75. We will carry forward any earnings accrued until such a time that the $75 minimum is met. 

How Much Money Can I Make with Mallcom?

As much as you would like! Simply setup your store and send your traffic to your sites' store. It's that easy!! 

How Do I Get Paid?

We currently offer four payment methods. We normally send business checks. If you are interested in one of the other available payment methods, please contact one of the members of the Mallcom support team at

  • Business Check
  • Wire Transfers
  • Paypal

Note: If you wish to be paid by wire there is a $25 service charge. We can wire your commission to any bank in the world! Please email us your complete name, home address, account and routing numbers and the name and address of your bank.

When Do I Get Paid

We will send you a check on the 15th of every month for all of your sales from the prior month. For example, if you earned $200 total throughout the month of January, then your payment would go out on February 15th. 

There are some exceptions for US observed holidays. Mallcom members benefit from no hassle timely payments as we are very diligent with our payments!! You earned it so we will get the money to you! That is how a partnership was meant to work.

How do I know how much I've earned?

You have access to all of your stats 24 hours a day. We have summary and detailed statistics of your traffic and sales which can be broken down by period and day. You can easily determine how much money you have earned in any given period! Simply go to any time and log into your mallcom affiliate account. Click on Statistics and Reporting (you must be logged in) from the left toolbar. Select a month, day, and year from BEGIN DATE and the same from END DATE and click on Show Reports.

Are statistics in real-time?

Yes they are. We track traffic and statistics in real time and make this information available to all of our affiliates with detailed daily statistics. This tool will show you everything that has happened hour by hour for any given day!

Do I receive the commission on promotional emails?

Yes you do. Mallcom sends out weekly e-mails with Special Sales, Exclusive Offers, Promotional Coupon Codes and much more. Unlike other companies, our technology stores the Affiliate ID# on every customer who joins our mailing list. Hence, if he/she makes a future purchase based on a promotion e-mail, the original affiliate will receive commission credit for the transaction

Do you provide banners?

Of course! We have a wide selection of banners in standard sizes. To see our banners simply click on the Marketing Tools link (must be logged in) on the left hand side of your screen. If you would like us to create a customized banner for you, please let us know.

What are Free Hosted Galleries and how can they help me increase sales?

Free hosted galleries (FHGs) are actual clips of some of our hottest  selling movies. We provide them to Mallcom affiliates to preview before selling as a single item. This way, you can showcase your products and your customers will have a good idea of what they are purchasing. 

Does Mallcom help me get traffic to my Mallcom store?

Affiliates are responsible for marketing their Mallcom stores on search engines, offline media, and other methods of online marketing. 

Note: You must use publically approved marketing standards. Mallcom does not condone spaming strategies of any kind including emails, spam blogs, or anything classified as spam. Also, Mallcom does not approve of "black flag" methods of search engine optimization including free-for-all linking sites and back doorway pages.

If you plan on adding the Mallcom store to your web site (Option 2), we suggest the best place to add it is to your top navigation bar. Usually a link displaying "STORE" or "VIDEO STORE" with a link to your Mallcom Store.

Does Mallcom submit my Mallcom store to the search engines such as Google or Yahoo?

No. We leave search engine submission up to affiliates to submit to as many search engines as they would like. Some affiliates do not like to be on all search engines. So, this is task is left entirely up to you.

What are the benefits of being a Mallcom affiliate?

Mallcom is not only loaded with great features and killer converting sites, but also has amazing statistics and is a respected name in the adult industry. What does that mean to you? The money is in the bank and we are going to be here tomorrow just as we have been for the past 10 years.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Mallcom affiliate:

  1. Mallcom pays affiliates on the 15th of the very next month. 
  2. Mallcom has real time reporting and statistics.
  3. Mallcom allows affiliates with web sites to sell right on their web site and domain name.
  4. Mallcom is free to join. We do not charge affiliates membership fees.
  5. Mallcom handles all shipping, billing, and fulfillment to your customers. You simply refer customers to your Mallcom store and we handle the rest.
  6. Mallcom provides the largest section of Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs) in the industry. You can leverage these FHGs as marketing tools to bring return traffic to your web site. FHGs help increase sales.
  7. Unlike other adult web sites, Mallcom allows you to sell single items just by linking to them with your ID.
  8. Mallcom offers over 1,500 different combinations to customize your store. You have the choice of customizing by your favorite porn star, film studio, and porno niche.
  9. You have the choice of selling just movies, sex toys, sexual accessories, or any combination of all three.
  10. Mallcom offers one of the largest inventory of products in the adult industry.
  11. Mallcom offers same day shipping, competitive prices, and discreet services to your customers.
  12. Customer service is never a problem. Our highly trained an courteous customer service representatives will always take care of your customers.

How long does it take to set up my Mallcom store?

Depending on the option that you utilize, setup is automatic and instant once you sign up with the direct linking option (Option 1). If you would like to use your web site under your domain name (Option 2), your Mallcom store can take approximately 15 minutes to set up. 

How do I set up my Mallcom store?

We provide two options to set up your store:

  1. One is a simple direct linking web address that you can publicize on blogs, emails, messageboard, podcasts, and RSS feeds.

  2. The second option allows you to incorporate your store right into your web site under your own domain name. This option is only feasible if you would like to host your Mallcom store under your domain name. We give you all of the HTML files and top header. You also have the option of creating your own header for better brand recognition.

Note: Affiliates who own their own web site and domain name can still use the direct linking option (Option 1) and can forego the second option.  If you have a web site, but are uncomfortable using HTML, this option may be for you. Simply add the direct linking address to your top navigation bar.

What is the cost to join Mallcom?

Mallcom does not charge to join as a member. 

Does Mallcom provide web hosting and domain names?

No. Mallcom provides a free web page for the direct linking option only (Option 1), but this option cannot be used with a separate domain name.  If you do not currently have a domain name and would like to purchase one, we suggest using GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Domain names can only be used with Option 2.

Click here to set up your Mallcom store under both options (must be logged into your Mallcom account). 

Do I need to know how to design a web site or knowledge of HTML?

No. Knowledge of web design or HTML is not necessary. For the domain name option (Option 2), you will need to upload automatically generated HTML files under this option to your web server or web hosting account.

Does Mallcom provide support if I need help setting up my store?

Yes. Our Affiliate Relations Team provides support every step of the way on all options including, but not limited to:

  • Direct linking option (option 1)

  • Web Site/Domain name option (option 2)

  • HTML of Mallcom store

  • Graphic design for top banners on both options 1 and 2

Our Affiliate Relations Team is open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Email the team at 

What is a co-branded store?

A co-branded store is a pre-made online store front ready to market to your sites users. Each co-branded store is designed in a unique manner, commonly known as white labeling, and fits the look and feel of your current site. You can customize every aspect of your store including what products, stars, or niche it opens up to as well as the color of your navigation and links. It’s your store and you have full control of its look. 

Why create a co-branded store?

• Quick and easy way to have an online store front added to your site
• No web design skills necessary
• No programming knowledge necessary
• No need to deal with credit card processing
• We handle stocking of inventory (currently over 100,000 products)
• We take care of shipping, returns, and all aspects of customer service support
• Collect on monthly commissions from your store front
• Turn your website browsers into customers

How many co-branded stores can I setup?

You can setup as many as you like!

Do I need to sign up for an account each time I want to create a new co-branded store?

Yes and No. If you just want to track your sales from all of your co-branded stores then just sign up for one account with one affiliate ID. However, if you plan to track sales from specific store fronts which you have created, then you would have to sign up for a new account for each store. This way you could get a better idea of where most of your sales are being made.

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