Mallcom unveils their new shopping cart, Mallcom 3.0

Adult retail giant MALLcom has released a brand new, more sophisticated shopping cart designed to provide a smoother shopping experience to its customers while also continue to allow the flexibility of customization to its affiliates.

"It is exciting to finally be able to release this new engine, We were due for a facelift" said Yariv Aharony, MALLcom Corp president.

One of the new features that stand out is the ability for customers to create a personal wish list of toys or DVDs which they can save for later or even email to significant others or friends for especial occasions such as Valentines day or bachelors/bachelorette parties. "This is a great feature that affiliates and customers alike can take advantage of" said May Friedman, VP of Operations.

Affiliates will also enjoy a plethora of new features such as; * Full white label / Co-branding and also add up to 5 outbound links on their navigation *Customer accounts are theirs for life, get paid on everything they buy along with recurring memberships/clubs *Frameless, more robust & quicker shopping experience, easier navigation, product mouseovers *Checkout with or without login into an account for more flexibility for the buyer *Added recently viewed items menu for customer shopping convenience *Improved customer support FAQ, information and contact forms *Improved search engine for better relevance & result options *Additional cart specials, site specials to lift sales and affiliate profits.

"It it a greatly improved system over what we used to have. It all has been re-worked from scratch and will provide more flexibility to our customers and affiliates alike" Said Ric Garcia, Affiliate Manager.

If you have any questions or need any assistance contact Ric directly or via ICQ 108-422-465 or AIM ricmallcom.

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